Back2Basics - Repeat your basics!

What you knew yesterday, you might have forgotten today, you might understand tomorrow.

Brain loves repetition. Repeat your basics – understand your basics – think you got it all under control? Check and repeat anyway. Basics are what we need to survive – so check and check again.

Don’t feel so good? Not talking about a potential hangover being new years day and all. Just in general. How do you feel? If the answer is awesome, congrats, keep going. If your answer is ok, what is ok? We sometimes are so used to pains and being ok we don’t se that it is not ok to be just ok. Ok, sometimes it is where we must be and accept that, but NOT in the long run. So how long have you been “ok” for? You guys that feels like crap you can keep reading.

A lot of times, I mean A LOT OF TIMES. There is something fishy with our basics. So, I want you to make a check on the following. And I also want to highlight – if we don’t do this shit we die. Could be a good motivation for you.

1.       Breath – without it you die within 4 minutes – ok I know some of you can do much better than that – blowing our minds, but this is generally speaking. So, number 1 tip for you – check your breathing. Can you breathe all the way down to your hip – should tickle – and all up to your brain? Can you feel your ribs expand? Is it without effort? Congrats – not many can nail all of these.

2.       Water – without it you die in a week. When I say drink water– I don’t mean sparkling water, I don’t mean soda, I defiantly don’t mean coffee and alcohol. I DON’T mean tee either. I mean water – fresh without any shit in it. Drink 2 litres a day give or take. You train? Drink more. You drink coffee? Take an extra glass – water that is.

3.       Food – without it we die within 3 weeks. Such an important subject – also such an infected subject – a lot of theories that sometimes not match. We know so much about it and yet we know so little to think that we know so much. Are you with me here? We can be very protective and emotional of our food. Want to eat better? Just changing it and take everything a way is not always the best solution. It is like taking your favourite teddy bear when little – you just don’t do that – it’s very upsetting. But if you get more “teddy bears” you might not be as protective over just that one. So, add first – continue adding something every week until there is little space for the bad food. Food can be the best thing and can also be the worst for you. Think long term.

Don’t be too hard on your self – that crap usually backfires. We have so many diets to choose from, what to do? Well why don’t we just go back to basics – that is after all what we are talking about here. What food makes you feel good after eating? Also think how you feel the day after. Breath slowly before you eat. Chew your food. Eat organic vegetables and fruits, eat fish if you like from the wild, eat “good” meat. Just look at what you like of what is good for you and do something with it. We will get back on this.

4.       Sleep – without it we die within 11 days (that is a record by the way – a bad one to try to beat). Been without it for more than a day? Starting to wonder if you are mentally stable at that point? Yep, it has a similar effect as alcohol intake not sleeping. Many of us are not that nice without our sleep. We need it to reboot and heal. Without it our systems become stressed and are giving you a lot of shit for it. So how do you sleep? Do you wake up rested and ready to go?

5.       Move - So important for a happy life, body and brain. What you don’t use you lose – it is kind of like that. A loooot of things can be fixed with just a simple thing called movements. A lot of crap can come from sitting on that couch. Note that I am not saying training, I am saying movement. Training is awesome, it is great for us. But this everyday movement is basic – we need it. 23 hours sitting or lying down and 1 hour in the gym is not what I am pointing at – I am pointing toward the other 23 hours of your life. So how much do you move? Can you move and breath with your stomach and being relaxed in your movements? Or do you move like Robocop? That also a good one to check.

6.       Thoughts – So can you really die from this? Well in one far fetched way you can. You can stress yourself to death – true story. Many times, this starts with how you think. Work with that mind of yours – learn how it works – learn about your self and how you react. This can be lifechanging and lifesaving.

7.       Human touch – funny thing this one – so neglected and yet so powerful. You don’t think you need it? Think again. Will you die without it? Some say yes. However, this is true or not I still want it here.  Because we are not supposed to be alone – we need each other. We need love. We crave it, we long for it. It gives us a better world and a bigger heart. It can heal us and affect us greatly. Ever been in love? Then you know. Got a hug when you are sad? Then you know. So, do you feel loved? Do you love yourself? Did you get your hug today? No, go and get one – maybe someone else is missing out as well.